Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Work Goes On!

September 1, 2014

This past week the work has continued to move forward. We met with T. on short notice. Thankfully the B. family has an open schedule to help us out. We had a great lesson with her about keeping the Sabbath day holy. The B.'s help was tremendous as they made it so that it was possible for us to be there and their testimonies invited the spirit into her little apartment. She, as most do, had a general understanding of things that are and are not appropiate for Sunday. We helped her understand it in full though and invited her to live it. We also talked about her 4 girls taking part in the lessons also. She said that she would like them to be here for it and we are going to be teaching her whole family on Tuesday! 

We helped H. out this week and read with him in the Book of Mormon! We picked up some furniture with him and laid some decorative rocks around his drive way. I love helping him out! Service is such a good thing! It always lifts one's heart and makes one feel as though they have done good in the world for others. As we read in the Book of Mormon peace came into his home. Unfortunatly he wasn't able to be at church because he had spinkler problems. 

Elder Briggs and I are still looking for those that are ready and are trying to find them. This past week we didn't see to much fruit come from our efforts yet but we will this next week! Although we did find a potental investigator! :) 

We had mission leadership council with President Taylor! I love that meeting! We always have the best discussions there! We also went on exchanges with the assistants! I love our assistants to the President! They are the best missionaries around!  

I hope y'all have a great week and a happy labor day! 

Love y'all!

Love your missionary,

Elder Drew Bowen   


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