Monday, April 8, 2013


Anna & Natalie's Baptism

Samantha's Baptism

Dallas Temple

The sign outside of the FC Dallas Soccer Stadium.

Here are some pictures of my First district in the mission field - I love them so much. The 2 sisters are the D4 sisters who are awesome. Sister Olpin (blonde) who is going home soon and Sister Morley who came in the same day as me. Then there's Elder Chapell who is to my left. He is one of the assistants and I love him he's awesome. And then there's Elder Weatherford my trainer one of the best missionaries ever - I love him as well! Then there's Elder Briggs who also came in with me and is being trained by Elder Hadfield  who is directly in front of me. Who was my first Zone leader. I love him as well - he's from Lehi - I believe and he goes home in a few transfers. To Elder Hadfields right is Elder Harden who was Elder Chapell's trainie and my companion a lot of the time. He's awesome - I love him. And then there is Elder Stewart (red hair) and he's great. I don't know him too well but he's from Utah. And his companion is Elder Toth who was my District leader who I also love. He is great. He trains a lot of new missonaries and is great! And that's my old district who I love!

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