Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This last week was great. It has been difficult to see Elder Degn and I not meet some goals that I have really wanted to reach, but we have not given up and are still going out to work every single day. We had a good week though. We meet with Connor (he's nine) again and he is a really fun kid. He is fun to teach. I think that it is going to be hard for him to keep coming to church because his family is not active but I know that he wants to and he is strong willed enough to get baptized so I'm hopping that he will keep that up and be the reactivating key in his family. He is a great kid.
This last week we were invited over to a members for dinner and were told that the mission prep class would be there as well. It was such a neat opportunity to be with them. After dinner the mother asked us to give a priesthood blessing for her grand daughter who had just gotten sick that evening and couldn't stop crying. It was amazing after the blessing she was asleep just like that. And she stayed asleep the rest of the evening. God cares for everyone and is no respecter of persons. It was beautiful and invited the spirit which then made the lesson on faith really good and we ended it with bearing our testimonies and I bore mine on how the best thing they could do to prepare for their missions would be to know that it's true and how if it is true, then no matter what happens they will be able to be a good missionary because they can then bear testimony of that and they will work hard because it's true and they will do things that they don't want to because it's true. I felt the spirit so strong. And then an RM in the group shared his testimony and the mother did as well and it was just amazing! I loved it! I love feeling the Spirit testify!
We finally had church with our ward and testimony meeting was awesome.  I felt the spirit even with the babies crying.  At church this Sunday  in the Frisco 2nd ward we were asked to help with a primary sharing time about missionary work and also to teach a lesson to the wards youth on the Apostasy and the restoration. They were both a success. I loved being able to be in primary! We got in early so we sang along with them and sang Faith is like a little seed and some other songs and I loved it so much I decided I would be happy with a primary calling when I get back. Even though it was very brief I felt the spirit and the kids loved seeing missionaries. For the sharing time activity the teacher had one of the children in his class ask one of the primary children to come up to the front. They then asked what that kid needed to be a missionary. Surprisingly enough, some children called out a testimony while others said grow a foot or two. But eventually they said a name tag and so we then gave the primary kid one of our two name tags. Then they said scriptures and a suit coat and a tie. And then the teacher had the new missionary serve a ten second mission. And in that ten seconds they wanted to share the gospel with as many people in the room as possible by shaking their hands. After the ten seconds was up they had everyone who had the gospel (had had their hand shaken) raise their hand so we could see how many people got the gospel from them. It was a good number for the amount of time but not everyone so they then asked " How can we get the gospel to more people? They replied "More time" and "More missionaries".  The teacher agreed with them but also said that "Well missionaries are already serving for two years or a year and a half and we also just got a lot more missionaries. So this time we are going to try sharing the gospel again but this time after the missionary shakes someone's hand then that person is going to shake some one else's hand." It was of course much more successful. The teacher then talked about how we need to share the gospel with our friends to help the missionaries. It was amazing! The entire primary was left with the challenge to invite a nonmember friend to a church activity. Also now when I walk down the halls the primary children will smile and wave as cute as they ever could which is a tender mercy because it always brightens my day! They made me so happy when I saw them in the hall. Also when we stopped by a member's house last night their primary children remembered us and the activity. I think it is going to bring a great spirit of missionary work.
We also found some one who wants to meet with us named Maurice (like in Beauty and the Beast the line "crazy old Maurice".  It's kinda funny because some people in Texas would not be afraid to say that because he wants to talk to us. I think its kinda funny) but we were just tracting and his wife opened the door and said you don't want to talk to me but then her husband came out on the pourch and closed the door and said ,"Hey how's it going? The name's Maurice." and shook our hands like a Tongan would. He's a big guy too, possibly Tongan, I don't know but he wrestled professionally and he said he has friends who are members and wants to meet with us tonight. I'm really excited!
Well I love y'all! Hope you all had a great week! 
Oh and I got a letter from Christopher who made me so happy I can't even tell you how happy I was! It totally made my day to get his letter with the plan of Salvation outline.
Love y'all!
Your missionary,

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  1. Please do not get discouraged when you don't reach a goal that YOU have set. All the Lord requires is that you love His children by preaching His gospel with the Spirit. Keep up the good work! I'm sure that the Lord is pleased with you. I know that the Manila 7th Ward is! <3