Friday, May 3, 2013

Connor's Baptism!

This week has been awesome! 

Connor got baptized! I love baptisms! I want to have one of my friends baptized every week! Connor is an amazing kid! He is so good. He wanted to get baptized even though his immediate family is less active/inactive. He started reading the Book of Mormon because after a family night at his uncle's house his cousin gave him a Book of Mormon. That's when he read and then read about baptism. Everyone in his family was at his baptism! His uncle baptized and confirmed him and they were both beautiful! His dad's girlfriend even came with her mother even though they aren't members. I hope that it will help his family in living the gospel more. We then went right back to work and tried to find people to teach. Maurice and April had a death in their family. So we haven't met with them yet but we will. We also were tracting and found a family that said we could come back so we are going to do that soon. 
So with this family that we found tracting it was kind of amazing because we were tracting, going door to door and then we came to this house where the kids were playing in the front yard and the parents were inside. So I don't know why but we skipped their house because the kids were outside and so we just walked to the next one. Well the kids had been out playing for a while so they came over to us as we were knocking on their neighbor's door and they said "What are you doing?" so we said, "Oh we're missionaries so we are going around talking about Jesus."  Then they asked why did you skip our house and Elder Degn and I looked at each other and I felt so dumb! We didn't really know what to say to that but we came out with, "Well, we didn't know if your parents were home." They said, "Ya they're home." So we asked them if we could talk to them. They where happy to do that! So we went back to their house (thankfully their neighbors weren't home because all of this conversation was on their porch) their mom came out to the door and we said "Hi, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we are sharing a message about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. Would you be willing to listen to that message?" She didn't say anything but let me get my husband. He then came soon after and then we talked about the restoration very briefly and just an over view of it but we gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read it and asked if we could come back and he said yes - so we are going to do that this week. I'm so excited for it. They are apparently baptist but they seem like great people and they are a black family and I love black people! Its going to be awesome! 
The ward mission leader is amazing for the 2nd ward! He is always on top of things and ready to help and has great ideas! It's great!  Elder Degn and I met with some less-actives in the ward - but we didn't meet any really. Although one family we stopped by and the mom was in the car with the window down and some kids in a car ready to go and we pulled up and asked her son who was staying and sitting on the steps in front of the house if they were the Edwards family and he said yes and then his mom yelled from the car "We're buddist! Dont waist your time ...." and we couldn't really hear her because she was in the car so that's all I got, but she was motioning for us to leave so we did very confused.  So we went around the corner and then we went to go make sense of things by talking to her son who stayed and he said that his mom and dad got divorced and were now inactive so then we see his mom coming back and she drove up to us and said, "What are you doing?" and she didn't sound happy, but we said we were just talking to your son and he backed us up and then she said, "My ex-husband was a missionary once so I just don't want you to waste your time. So where are you from?" I was taken back at the mood change, so we told her and it was just really weird. We left soon after that after telling her that her records where still in the church and she said that she would talk to them about that and then we left. It was so weird but went much better than it could have. Hopefully we had a good effect on her. 
Sunday evening we went out with our ward mission leader in the 6th ward and visited a less active member family and talked to them and it was awesome. He's a really cool guy! He did a tuff mudder in San Antonio and we talked about that and it was really cool because I could talk about it thanks to David running one! Pretty amazing! So hopefully we can help them come to church more. 
Today we played basketball with the youth in our ward because they had a snow make up day so they weren't in school and that was awesome. Then we went bowling with our district! It was fun to do with them. 
Well I will let you know how the next week goes. I love y'all and I'm glad y'all are having a blast in Virginia! I loved getting Daphne's letter this week and Jared's and daddy's! I love y'all!

Elder Drew Bowen

The Mommy Notes
So Drew has been writing regularly still - it's just me that has been swamped and not posted his letters regularly!  So this is his letter from this week, April 29th, and I'll post his letter from last week soon!! :)

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