Monday, March 11, 2013

My Week

This last week has been great! It has flown by! I got Nicole Bushman's wedding announcement and wanted to say congrats! 

This last week has gone great here in Dallas. Yesterday Elder Weatherford and I went on exchanges so we got to do some work in Elder Hernandez's area. Elder Hernandez is awesome! He was in my MTC District and I learned so much from him all in just one day! I also had the opportunity to go to Sister's Conference this last week because the Assistants were speaking at it and we needed to study, so Elder Harden and I got to sit in on it. It was totally awesome! Sisters are pretty blessed to be able to have an awesome meeting like that. I learned so much from it and it wasn't even directed to me directly. But President Durrant gave an awesome talk on how we should share the gospel with a smile and how even when we get tired that's okay. He then shared a story about Christ being tired so he sat down by a well and then spoke to the woman by the well. I thought that was so important to know. Even Christ got tired! We get tired to but we keep going and we don't get discouraged. Then Elder Weatherford gave a talk about willing obedience. It too was awesome. He spoke about how Nephi and Laman and Lemuel all did the same thing. Laman and Lemuel left Jerusalem and they went back and obtained the plates but they were never willingly obedient. Willing obedience is what changes us. We can be obedient and go about it murmuring, but it won't change our hearts. When we are willingly obedient then obedience is in our hearts.  It has become a part of us and leads us to self mastery making us a little more like God. Elder Chapelle then spoke on how trials of faith are really just trials of obedience. I loved that. 

Our investigators are doing awesome. Samantha went to a CES fireside here in Dallas that Elder, I want to say, Erying spoke at. She loved it. She went with her boyfriend who is a member and she has a testimony of prophets now! It is so exciting for her to have that guidance in her life now! We then spoke about general conference and about how all the 12 speak and it got me really excited for watching general conference out here in Dallas! I can't wait until Conference Sunday now! Ana our other investigator has been progressing great as well. She is going to be baptized by her husband the next time she visits him up in Georgia because he is in the military. Elder Weatherford and I got to go with the Ward Missionaries to teach Veronica, another one of our investigators, and they were totally awesome. They get what they are supposed to do. So our lesson went great with them.

Also last night I saw an Armadillo! It was dead on the side of the road but I was really excited because I have wanted to see one ever sense I got my call. Y'all know what that is right? The small animal that I think can curl up in a ball and is tan. I can't describe it any better than that.

Today it rained! I loved it! It was the best kind of rain ever because it was a warm rain where you want to just dance in it! It made my morning!

Well that's about it for this week. Love Y'all!

Your Missionary,

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