Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another week in the beautiful area of Lufkin

Lufkin is amazing! I love it so much! The ward is fantastic and our investigators are amazing and I can't believe how fast the time is going! I just got here and 2 weeks have already flown by!
So Lufkin this last week has been great. We taught Rory a lot this week! It's amazing to teach him! We give him a pamphlet at the end of a lesson for the next lesson and he just devours it! When we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ it was pretty much a review for him and he could have taught us it seemed. He even fasted this Sunday a full 24 hour fast with us. It was amazing! He came to church and he stayed for the whole block! He is going out of town this week so we have left him with a lot of assignments for him to study. He is leaving town to work and also for the army reserves but will be back in town next week. He is so golden! He keeps commitments and everything. Also he understands that when He gets an answer that this is all true that he needs to act on it and get baptized. I am so excited to see him when he gets back and I'm praying that he will get his answer this week.
Dameon is doing good as well. He has a baptismal date for July 20th and he also came to church and fasted as well. He has been struggling with keeping the word of wisdom though and He hast to quit smoking to be baptized. But God is going to help him over come it. It's so neat to be able to teach Dameon and Rory because they are so close to my age which is really good because our ward needs more youth and young adults. We gave service to some one who needed help cleaning their house and it was really an eye opening experience for me. His house was really nasty. It smelled like dog urine and poo. He had kept dogs in his house full time for a while and so when we moped the floor it was just mopping up after the dogs using the bathroom inside the house. It was sad but we had to do it with a smile on our face because he was embarrassed about it. It really made me think of how good I have had it all my life and I realized that I have been living like a king compared to so many other people. 
Also I have met 2 people who know sign language! It was really cool.  We didn't start signing but it made them happy just to know that I knew a little bit of it. 
We stopped by a less active family this week and they had a daughter named Autumn who is nine and she was playing in her blow up pool in her front yard and as we were talking to her mom on the front porch she asked if we would baptize her in the pool. Her mom said if you want them to they would be more than happy to. And then her mom asked her if she really wanted to have us baptize her and she said yes so we introduced the Book of Mormon to her and asked her to read it every day and we are going to start teaching her the missionary lessons tonight! It will be a great opportunity to help her mom come back to church and we are really excited to start teaching her family. And she has a daughter younger than Autumn who is deaf so I'm really excited! 
Well I love y'all take care! 
Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen 

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