Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finding Through Frisbee

I still love Lufkin! The ward is great and I enjoy serving with them! Elder Koenen and I are still working hard. This past week we had interviews with president Durrant and I love seeing him! He is fantastic! The first thing he said when I walked in was "Elder Bowen what do you want to talk about?" I love how honest and open he is and so we talked about working with less actives and how much I love serving with Elder Koenen in Lufkin. I told him that I would love to be with Elder Koenen another transfer and he sincerely thought about it. He asked how long he had been in Lufkin and then he said that we will have to see but not to get my hopes up because he has been here for 4 months.
So this week Rory was out of town so we have been calling and texting him everyday to see how he has been doing and if he has been reading and praying. Rory is really solid he read in the Book of Mormon every single day even when he was exhausted from work and he studied all the additional studies in the back of the pamphlets we gave him. He even hinted at having an answer to the Book of Mormon and we get to meet with him tonight! It makes me really excited because we are planning on setting a baptismal date with him and I always love teaching him.
We have meet with Dameon this last week multiple times and he set up his baptismal interview for last Friday. We had it set up for him to get a ride to the church for it and everything and then he wasn't home when the member went to pick him up.  It was kinda uneasing. We stopped by his house later that night and he still wasn't home. So we went by last Saturday and he was out on his porch reading the Book of Mormon. We went up and he said I'm sorry I totally forgot all about Friday and got wrapped up with friends and so I missed it. We told him that it was ok and that we could have it in an hour if he still wanted to be baptized on the 20th and he said yes. We then called our district leader and got it set up and he had his interview and he is getting baptized on the 20th! I'm so happy for him. He has come such a long way. This week is looking to be an awesome week. We have multiple set appointments and much to look forward too.
So this last Saturday we were invited to play frisbee with the ward in the morning and they were planing on having some non-members there so we took them up on the offer and played a great game of ultimate frisbee in the morning and thanks to Mr. Haymond I did ok. But we met the nonmembers who came and talked to them briefly but after the game we went our separate ways and we went home to our apartment to shower and stop by a referral in our complex. As we were walking out to our car we met the people from frisbee who were walking right when we came out. We said hi and started talking to them. They are friends to one of the members in the ward. So I relearned their names because I'm really forgetful and its Derick and Kasy and Kasy asked, "So you're Mormons right?" and we then went right into the restoration lesson and gave them a Book of Mormon. They said they would read it and they said we could come by some time. So we are really hoping to be able to follow up with them and answer more of their questions.
Well I love y'all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Drew Bowen  

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