Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Investigators in Lufkin

August 26, 2013
This past week was great! We found 2 new investigators! We met one of them because we were out knocking doors and we came up to a house where a man named Curtis lived and he invited us right in! It was awesome! We taught half of the first lesson and we have a return appointment for tomorrow night! We are hopping that it all goes well. We also finally met a part member family that we have stopped by multiple times. We got to visit with her and get to know her better. Her husband isn't a member and they go to an all black church 30 min. south of here. She doesn't come to church anymore because of someone making a racial comment and she hasn't been back for 15 years! Her husband isn't a member and we are working on getting ahold of him to schedule a time to meet him because he works so much. 

We got a flat tire this week. It was interesting changing it. Haha. It had been a long time since I changed a tire but we got it back on after some work.

So it is a really small world! I found out that the Andersen family in our ward knows the Andelin's! Sarah's friends Kathy and Karen! It was so crazy and they are related to Miss Jacobs at AHS and the Andersen's who started AHS are his parents. So that was neat!

Because it's the end of the month we are low on miles so we can't drive as much so we biked through Lufkin some and it wasn't too bad. There aren't really any side walks at all but we stuck to the less busy roads.

Well, we are doing good here in Lufkin.  We stopped by someone who had been investigating the church a couple years ago and we set an appointment for this Saturday. He was really nice and from Jamaica which is really neat. He said that the last time he had met with missionaries that he had a hard time with the Book of Mormon and the Bible being equal and yet the Book of Mormon being more important. There is some confusion there that we will need to clear up but we know where to start with his testimony because he told us what his concern was in the past. I'm excited to be able to help him gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. When people really read the Book of Mormon with real intent then they will have a life changing experience and receive a special witness that it is true from the Holy Ghost and that leads to their conversion.

It's such a blessing to be able to be a missionary! I love y'all and hope you have a fantastic week! Love y'all tons!

Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen 

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