Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lufkin with Elder Hoopes

August 19, 2013
This past week was great. Elder Hoopes is a great missionary. He makes me feel really old because he is so young but it's really all in my head. 
We met with less actives this week and found some people who we are hoping to be able to teach this week. We had a miracle happen on Sunday! We weren't expecting anyone to be at church on Sunday but then in walks a black man we had never met who was baptized 2 years ago! So we went and introduced ourselves and invited him to sit with us. Sounds like he has had it bad. He is out of a job and home but he came to church. He got a ride with some members he knew and so many people came up and introduced themselves to him or said hi and how much they had missed having him at church.  I love the Lufkin Ward! It makes such a difference to have the ward members reach out to people. Just having people say hi made him feel so welcome even though he didn't have a shirt and tie. It's more difficult to do in a large ward but it's still important to reach out that hand of fellowship.
Also on Sunday a young man came up to us and asked us if he could come out with us on Tuesday night! I'm so excited! We are going to be teaching 2 recent convert lessons and it'll hopefully be a good experience for him. It reminded me of the time I went out with the missionaries and we taught a lesson. I was so excited to be a missionary after feeling the spirit in the lesson. I will always remember that night and how I felt during that lesson. Well I'll let y'all know how it goes!
Thank you all so much for the letters this past week! I loved reading them and hearing from y'all. It was really nice to be able to get a letter with a note from uncle Brad, Meranda, DJ and others. I'm so happy y'all are having a good time back home! Love y'all tons!
Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

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