Monday, October 21, 2013

A Pretty Cool Week

Well the past week has been pretty cool. No really, a cold front came in. It was really nice. It feels like fall in the Utah mountains. Elder Stufflebeam and I have just shut off the AC and opened the windows. It hasn't been on since Thursday. So nice!

So the members in Lufkin are amazing! We told our Elders Quorum President that we were starting to teach an acquaintance of his, Lin and he immediately asked if he could come to the lessons with us and he said "I'll invite him over to my house for them. I'll talk to him at work today and let you know what time." So he scheduled our appointment for us and pretty much told us when we needed to be there to teach. That made life easy. The lesson went really good too. We went over the restoration. It was so good to teach! He had some questions and they were all centered around whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we pretty much told him "Read the Book of Mormon and then you will know if he was a true prophet." It's so true though! When people have concerns about the church it's often because they don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and because they don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon they also don't have one of Joseph Smith being a prophet! That's just how it goes!  Lin came to sacrament but not the other meetings, but we are going to be teaching him again.

On Sunday Rory Hileman, our recent convert, brought his 16 year old brother Ross Hileman to church. He said it was kind of an unexpected thing but that he was doing his missionary work. His brother seemed to be just tagging along. He was a nice young man and he stayed for all of church. Elder Stufflebeam suggested to some of the youth that they should invite him to the Wednesday activity and to our ward's Halloween Trunk or Treat party and Spencer Shepard, one of the young men, thought that it was a great idea and talked to Rory and his brother about the upcoming activities.  

Well I got to go. Love y'all!

Elder Drew Bowen

PS.  I voted a few days ago! I got my absentee ballot so I cast my vote and felt like a good citizen. It's in the Articles of Faith after all. So I hope you make it! (Mommy note - that's for Carlton - he's running for American Fork City Council.)

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