Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where has the time gone?

January 20, 2014
So this past week was amazing!
We went on an exchange with the Henderson Elders and it went great! I got to know Elder Hendry a little better and loved being able to work with him in his area! We helped a member split some wood for their wood burning fireplace and I really enjoyed being able to get out and swing a splitter. I finally started to get the hang of it too. Anyway, we went on some priest splits during the week as well and I got to go with one of my favorite priests in the ward. His name is G. and he reminds me a little of myself because he is so anxious to serve a mission and is just waiting for the day to come around in another 6 months. He is awesome and we had a great visit with a less active member in the ward.
We had interviews with President Durrant on Saturday and I loved them! I love President Durrant he is the best! I feel so blessed that God has called me to the mission He prepared for me! He blessed me with the mission president I needed and the part of the vineyard where I can learn and grow as I help others come closer to Christ. He also paid me the best compliment ever! It made me so happy I pretty much cried afterwards when I was thinking back on it. It's amazing to see God's promises fulfilled as we go on in life!
We also had Stake Conference! It was pretty much amazing! And I got to see all the ward families in Lufkin and I got to say hi to them and talk to them for a while!
We met with E. and L. yesterday! It was a really good lesson! L. asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon for her to have of her own! When we first met them she said no to having a Book of Mormon but she has has really opened up. E. is starting to understand that we have a prophet on the earth today and because of that he wants to meet him for himself to be able to know that he is a true prophet! I was really impressed with him wanting to know who the prophet is for himself and that he wants to know for himself that he is a prophet. We told him it would be really difficult to meet him personally and talked a little about how he can know he is a true prophet through prayer and personal revelation. He agreed but said he still wants to meet him. I then said you know what we should watch this movie called the Restoration because I think you would relate to it. It's about a convert in England who wants to meet the prophet Joseph Smith. They got really excited and said, "Awesome we will provide the popcorn." So things went really well! And we are going to have a movie lesson next week! Thank you audio visuals from the Church!
Also we got an unexpected phone call from a part member family! The husband J. was meeting with Elder Johnson and Elder Pierson (the missionary I replaced) but then when I got here he dropped us and would stay in the other room when we came over. But he called us and invited us over. We had pizza with them and then he said, "Hey can we talk about Joseph Smith?" We didn't say no to that! We had a great visit with him. He had a question about a quote he found where Joseph Smith is quoted saying some really awful things. It was referenced from the History of the Church books but we have looked and others and we can't find it anywhere. He invited us back for Wednesday! What a great Birthday present from Heavenly Father! We are going to be having BBQ and talking about the gospel! Can't ask for much more than that!

Also, I found out that Elder Johnson and I are going to be staying togeather for another six weeks! I'm really excited to keep working with him! Also Elder Koenen (my old companion) is getting transferred into my district so I will get to see one of my favorite companions! It'll be a great 6 weeks! We are going to go out and keep working hard, keep being filled with the joy that only comes from sharing the gospel and we are going to have a baptism in Marshall because the Lord is hastening His work here! I feel like our area is going to burst at the seams!

Also we got a super solid referral for a member's friend who has been asking about the church and they are going to schedule a meeting with her in their home and we are going to start teaching her! That's how the Lord's Work is Hastened! Life is so good when you are serving the Lord! What a blessing it is! I love y'all so much and I hope y'all have a fantastic week! On Wednesday do some thing awesome like talking to some one about the church or reading the scriptures or seeing a Tender Mercy form the Lord! I love y'all tons!
Love y'alls missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

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