Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthday Presents from Heaven!

January 27, 2014

This past week was amazing!! So I'm 20 now! I had an amazing Birthday! I am so blessed and the blessings just keep coming! So on Tuesday we rode our bikes because we were running a little low on miles but because we rode our bikes we got a package from Grandma Sharon. We had to re-inflate our tires which timed things perfectly for the mail. Tender Mercy! Then on Wednesday I got to open the wonderfull present I got from Grandma Sharon! I was given a beautiful CD entitled called to serve by the Motab! It's beautiful! Along with goodies and pictures I can use as visual aids in teaching! I also got a great gift from Catherine and Lucas and baby Lucas Jr. and then I got the birthday package from the family!
I love y'all so much! Thank you for thinking of me so much and for the love and support y'all have always given to me! I love how close our family is! Even when we are all over  the US! (literally from coast to coast! haha) I loved reading the notes y'all sent in the balloons that I got to pop! It was awesome! What a joyfull memory to have for my 20th birthday! I loved the light house that grandpa Zillner sent for my oil! It's so beautiful!  
So I also received many heavenly presents! On Wednesday we taught 3 lessons. In the morning we went over to a former investigators home and taught the Plan of Salvation and scheduled a baptismal date for B. for March 8th! B. is awesome! I'm so happy for him in his decision to be baptized! I'm excited to help him be ready to make those covenants with the Lord. Then we had steaks for lunch that we cooked up with some fajita seasoning and they turned out really good with chili and tortillas! Then we taught B2 and she has a baptismal date now as well! Hers is for the 1st of March! We are hoping to help her get there! She went out of town this weekend but we should be teaching her more this week! Then that evening we went and knocked a few streets and then went and had dinner with J. and M.! We had a change of menu to spaghetti but it was really good spaghetti and I loved it. We had a good visit with J. about the restoration and prophets. Things are coming along slowly but he still wants to meet with us so that's good! I love them they are awesome. J. is Pentecostal and gets really excited about the bible and gets into it! I love it. He really puts passion into the bible stories. So I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! God blessed us so much!
This week we also visited E. and L. and we watched the Restoration DVD with them! It was great and they really enjoyed it! They popped popcorn for us too! It was great, I love E. and L.!
I feel like things are really progressing here in Marshall. At times slowly but at other times I feel like our area is going to explode with work! 
We visited the T.'s and had a great visit with them and we also visited with their neighbor D. and his wife and we had a great discussion with them. Well more like with D.'s wife because he was falling asleep. But we talked about the plan of salvation and answered some of her questions and we gave them a triple combination! It was a great visit!
So this week was another amazing week in Marshall Texas! I hope that y'all had a fantastic week as well and that y'all had a great time celebrating Christopher's birthday as well! 
Love y'all tons! 
Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen 


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