Friday, February 28, 2014

Freezing Rain

February 17, 2014

This week I experienced for the first time ever freezing rain! It was awesome! I've always wondered what it was and how it worked. I figured out what it is and as for how that'll come in time. It's crazy it is like freezing cold rain that falls from the sky that is kinda like slush but also isn't because it's freezing rain. Then it turns to ice over everything! It's kinda cool! We just had a little storm of it but it was still crazy! However, now it is getting really hot! Well really hot to me. It'll be like 75 and I'll be in our apartment and say to my companion it is so hot right now like I'm going to break into a sweat and he is like "it's not that bad at all". I guess I'm just used to how cold it's been recently with the bone chilling humidity! But today we walked outside to do our laundry this morning and I was expecting it to be a little cool but it was already 70. It's weird that Texas mornings are so hot it just means summer is around the corner! It'll be hot but good!

So this past week was amazing!! I almost dont know where to start!
So last Monday we ran into the J. (someone we have been teaching but then he canceled and said he would get back to us and never really did and his wife's a member) We talked to him for a little while and asked if there was a good time for us to come by and he said tonight. We went over and had dinner with them and it was an amazing salad! I love salads and have started making them on my own for lunches and what not but anyways, it was great food and then we sat down for the lesson and J. wasn't feeling so good and we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went ok but not really all that great because by the end of it J. was not really getting anything because he felt so sick. Hopefully we will be able to start making some progress with him.
Then Friday we did some service for a family in the ward and we split wood for them. That was good and man it's a work out. Felt good but I sure was sore the next day. Then after service we went on an exchange and I got to go to Longview and work with one of the elders there. We went to a park and walked around and just talked to people and invited them to learn more about the gospel and then we saw a young adult listening to music and carrying a basket ball. I spoke up and said "hey can I give you a card from our church." He pulled out his head phones and I said "Ya we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints and we share a message about Jesus Christ and how his church has been restored." He said I cant really say no to talking about Jesus for a little while so y'all can share a short message with me. We then told him that God has always called prophets like Moses to lead his people and teach his gospel and that he has done that in our day as well." We asked if we could share more with him about the details of how this has all taken place he said no and mentioned that he had just moved to Longview and so we asked where he moved from and then asked if he had ever met missionaries there and if they had shared a message with him then. He said he had met missionaries there. I asked if they had ever talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he said no and I said "really well the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ that took place over here in the Americas where he came and taught the people here his gospel." He asked "where can I get a Book of Mormon?" I said "You can have this one right here and this pamphlet with our names and numbers on it." He said I promise I will not waste this book". We then went our separate ways and I wish I would have done more to help him but that's all I could do at the time. You learn slowly what more you can do and then you're better the next time in helping others. It was a great experience though. 

Also Longview is much bigger than Marshall by about 4 x's its population but it was kinda nice to be in a larger city after being in the smaller cites like Marshall and Lufkin. 

This week we also found a new investigator! She is really awesome and has a Rhode Island accent and is looking for a church. She asked really good questions and wants us to come back. We are going back on Saturday and its going to be great! 

We didn't get to meet  with C. this week because the freezing rain was too bad for her to drive anywhere. We are teaching her the plan of salvation tonight though and I'm really excited. She came to church on Sunday with the C.'s and I think she liked it.We found out that her terminal illness isn't getting any better and that it is still expected that she will only live for a few more years. That really hit me hard. But she has the most amazing attitude about it. Tonight's lesson will apply to her so much! 

We met with B. and we found him a ride so he can come to church next week! We are excited for that and he is going to love it!

That was our week in Marshall! It was a fantastic week! And to top it off I'm an uncle now! It's crazy how fast life moves on! 
Well I love y'all and am happy to hear that everything has been going well back at home for y'all.
Oh and happy Valentines day late! Mine was an amazing day full of love and missionary adventures and all sorts of good stuff! 
Love y'all tons!
Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen 

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