Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ice in Dallas!

March 5, 2014

Well I'm emailing on Wednesday because of a really bad cold storm that came through Sunday evening and made freezing rain and closed down our mission for the day. It was Freezing cold! On Monday it didn't get higher than 26 all day! It messed up our transfers by a day too. Elder Johnson got transferred to the Richardson 2nd ward. The ward I started off in! And he is a District leader! I would say I taught him everything he knows but that would be a lie because he has been the Jr companion to a district leader since the beginning of his mission! He is going to be great! And he is really happy.  He called me this morning and it sounded like he was a very happy missionary just by the tone in his voice. That made me really happy! I love Elder Johnson! I'm going to miss him. Yes there were times where I would be frustrated with him and even think to myself "Patient just be patient." But at the end of everyday I loved my companion. I served with him longer than any of my other companions and he is like a brother to me. Funny thing is that we were asked a lot if we were brothers and our ward mission leaders wife said Sunday night when he was fixen to leave that we were just like brothers. He then mentioned that we are polar opposites; me optimistic, him pessimistic, the way we think and math and all this other stuff. It was funny because we really were opposites but we were good ones. I'm going to miss seeing him and being around him. But he lives in Utah so we will get together some time in about a year or so and I'll see him at some meetings I'm sure. 

My new companion is Elder Kidd. He is from Idaho close to BYU-Idaho. He is great. And so many good things are going to happen in our area! So we have seen some really awesome miracles this week! We meet with C. at the C.'s home yesterday and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. It went great! She is going on a trip to Gulf shores or something like that over in Georgia so we will be meeting with her again in a few weeks. She is so Golden! She is going to get baptized! We had to move her baptismal date back by a month because she just got a heart monitor. She has a really horrible health condition and isn't really expected to live past 30. She is 19 now but has an amazing attitude about life and a good sense of humor too. In our last lesson she mentioned to us that knowing the gospel now gives her a new out look on life. She told us that the other day she woke up and was really happy just to be alive and she knew that it was going to be a good day. She also told us of how last week she was driving down the road and looked up and saw the sun breaking over the clouds and it made her super happy for some reason. It totally reminded me of when I have had moments like that as well! It made me happy to hear that she is happy with the gospel. That's why I came on a mission to help share the joy that comes from the gospel. 

Another miracle that we had this week was on Saturday. Out of no where we got a text from D.! She said that she missed us and wants to come back to church. We then went by Sunday and visited with her. She said that the past months have been dark and she doesn't feel the peace that she did when she was meeting with us. She told us that last week she was thinking and felt like she needed to get back on the path that she was on before toward her baptism because she wants to get baptized for her mom in the temple after wards. We told her that she could do it and that God will help her. It'll be hard for her with the environment she lives in being the "ghetto" of Marshall but she can make the change and God will provide the means necessary to make that possible.  

Also we meet with B. this morning and I love B.! He and I are pretty much like Best Friends even though he is 32 yrs older than me. Today he told my companion that he knew that I cared about him just by the look on my face and called me his brother. B. is great! He is always telling me not to cry when ever I say something sincere. Apparently my eyes water up and it looks like I'm about to even though I'm not going to. I just really care about B. he has a great heart and is trying to do right so hard! I'm looking forward to seeing him at church! 

Well I love y'all and think of y'all often and pray for y'all even more so! Have a great week and remember that no matter what happens we are in Gods hands. He takes care of His children perfectly!
Love y'all!
Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen  

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