Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marshall with Elder Kidd

March 10, 2014
This past week has been great! Elder Kidd and I get a long really well! We talk all the time about anything and everything. We even quote movies to each other when we are at the apartment. Wow I have forgotten a ton of quotes. I used to be really good at that game but that's alright.
So our first night together we taught C. the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well. It's a good sign when you can teach with someone when you haven't ever done it with them before. C. went out of town for spring break with her family so she wasn't able to be at church this week. But she is still golden. Teaching her is so easy. Sometimes I don't know what to invite her to do because she is already doing most of it! Its great!
This week we went over to the T.'s and Elder Kidd got to meet them. They went out of town for spring break as well but before they left Sister T. helped us with a Miracle. We got word from missionaries in Gilmore that there was a member of the church who lived in our ward who hadn't been  in a really long time and would like to have contact with the church. She happens to live just down the street from the T.'s. So we told Sister T. about it and she came by with us and got cookies to bring over with us. Sister Tr. (The member who wanted to meet us) was in the shower when we went by but we met her son who was kinda standoffish (he is 20 and going into the navy so he had a very serious face). Sister T. helped break the ice by introducing herself as a neighbor who lived down the street and gave him cookies. We left a phone number for her to get in touch with us and she called Sister T! She thanked her for the cookies and Sister T. said she was going out of town but that we would love to get together with her this week. Well Sister T. scheduled an appointment for us and we went by. Sister Tr. is way nice! She is an awesome lady. She wants to come back to church but doesn't remember too much about it because she joined when she was 15 and then lost touch with the church when she was 16 and never really made it back. It feels like she is a golden investigator even though she is a member all ready. She apparently found a friend on Facebook who brought her into the church and her friend asked if she could send the missionaries her way and that they would change her life. It's amazing how God remembers His children and guides them back to Him. We are going to be re-teaching her the lessons and we are hoping to invite the rest of her family to sit in on them as well so that they can join the church as she comes back to it.

We meet with B. a couple of times this week. When we went over the first time with Elder Kidd he told him about how much he loved me and how I was like a brother to him. He then said " He's my second white son. I already adopted one and he's like my own son and he is too." I love B. he is the best! He had a close cousin to him pass on Friday unexpectedly. It was really hard on him and he called us up that night to talk about it. He needed some one to talk to. We went by Saturday evening and brought some orange rolls with us. It really brightened his day. He was eating some fried cat fish and he offered me some. I couldn't say no. I'm not a big fish fan and I was already full from eating but I made room. It was actually pretty good. As soon as I started eating B. said to Elder Kidd "I knew he trusted me and my cooking. He's like family to me." He didn't make it to church though :( but we saw him this morning and he got together with his family. We taught him the plan of salvation again and it meant a lot to him.

Church was good. There was an 8 year old's baptism and we got to go to it. They ended up needing a witness for it last minute and we were the only other people there with the priesthood so they asked us to help with it. It was a neat opportunity. It reminded me of my baptism when I was 8. That sure was a special day! I'm so grateful that I had the blessing of being baptized at the age of 8. Some think other wise but they just haven't thought it through enough. Being baptized at 8 gave me the companionship of the Holy Ghost that has helped me throughout my life! It helped to keep me from dangerous places and from so much pain. Not everyone has such an incredible gift when they are 8. I then thought of when Jared was baptized. That was a special day. I'm so grateful for having an amazing loving family! Y'all are the best family ever! I love how close our family is to each other!
Well I love y'all and think and pray for y'all often. I love y'all!
Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

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