Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great and Busy Week!

May 12, 2014

This past week I have had the opportunity to go on exchanges with three of our wonderful missionaries in the Plano Zone. First was with Elder Fackrell, who is from West Jordan. It's a small world when you meet someone and they live next to some one I knew in my ASL class. I went to the Plano 7th Ward with him and was thoroughly impressed with the excellent missionary he is! As we biked from place to place I was impressed that he was not afraid to talk to everyone! We spoke to many people and knocked doors to find three potential investigators. We were also blessed to have an unplanned opportunity of service. We helped some older men move large pieces of wood to the curb side. Which here pews for a non denominational church. They were very kind and invited us in to have otter pops with them after helping them out. It was fun to give service like Christ would. As I spoke with Elder Fackrell I was very appreciative of the testimony that he has and for his humility. I love Elder Fackrell, he is awesome!

We also went on exchange with Elder Hudson and Elder Schatt. I served with Elder Hudson in the Plano 3rd ward. Things went well. We meet with one of their investigators and taught her the Restoration. We also tracted and contacted at a park in their area. We then worked on contacting the Gladys Knight referrals in their area and they were not home.

As for the Plano 9th and Elder Reid. Things are going great here! We didn't teach as much as we would have liked to this past week but we still feel blessed. We found some new potential investigators when we were on exchanges. We have been teaching E. He is progressing very slowly and is having a hard time over coming some of his new found concerns. We trust that the Lord will continue to guide him to the answers he is seeking. He did tell us yesterday that he no longer has the desire to smoke and that God has taken it away form him.

Elder Reid and I are getting along very well. He is the kindest person ever! I feel so blessed to have him as my companion! He constantly gives me complements and lifts, encourages and inspires me! If only every missionary could have a companion like Elder Reid! I feel that I'm still learning and growing and that each day there is something new to experience!
It was great seeing y'all yeasterday and being able to talk to y'all as well! It was great! I love y'all and will keep y'all posted on how our dinner goes tonight! Love y'all!

Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

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