Monday, June 2, 2014

Mission of Miracles

This past week has proven that the Texas Dallas Mission is " The Mission of Miracles"! We have seen the Lord work in our area this past week as He has carried on his work. After Mission Leadership Council, Elder Reid and I decided that we would increase our faith as invited by our fellow missionaries. Miracles have followed! 

Wednesday we stumbled upon a miracle that the Lord placed in our path. As we were coming into an apartment complex to knock doors we met a very nice woman named B. She was replacing the alternator in her vehicle and we offered to help. We tucked in the ties and did our best to figure things out with her. As we served her we got to know each other a little and she mentioned that she was looking for a church. She moved here a few months ago from New Orleans, Louisiana and hadn't found a church that she felt comfortable with. We told her that she was more than welcome to come to ours. After helping her to the best of our ability, she thanked us with tears! She spoke of how God sent us there and how she had been stressed and overwhelmed. She said that she would be willing to have us come by and share our message anytime and so we exchanged phone numbers.

We called and texted her the next day and she scheduled an appointment with us for that Saturday! When we brought a member friend on that Saturday, she spoke of the church as if it was already her own. It was beautifull! We taught B. and her boyfriend M., the Restoration starting with the Book of Mormon. It was very incredible to see the lesson fall into place perfictly. M. told us that he was thinking of being baptized a second time. We invited them both to be baptized on the 12th of July and they both commited to prepare to be baptized on that day. It is truly incredible to see the Lord working His wonders! He knows His Children and is preparing them to receive His servants. It is our responsibility to act in faith nothing doubting. I feel that the Lord will continue to bring about His purposes here in the Plano 9th ward! 

Thursday we had an amazing lesson with K. at the home of Bishop H. We taught the pre-existance and creation. She has been learning the gospel at a rapid rate! The Spirit teaches her and she understands. Her baptismal date has been moved up to the 28th of June and she is on track to be baptized on that day. She has now been to church three Sundays in a row. She has parental permission to be taught and continues to impress us with how in tune she is with the Holy Ghost.

Sunday was also an incredible day! It was one of the best fast and testimony meetings I have ever participated in! We bore our testimonies and many others in the ward did as well. The spirit was felt so strongly it moved K. to tears. Towards the end, members of the ward spoke of missionary work and thanked us for the work we have been doing. I feel that the members trust us in the 9th ward and that with that trust the Lord will hasten His work in this part of His vineyard! We also learned after church that K. will be going to girls camp with the young women this month! 

The Lord carries out His purposes and we just have some really great seats! We love the investigators we have been blessed to teach. Things just keep getting better and it brings a joy to my heart that is so fullfilling! God is a God of Miracles! If they ever cease then it's due to our unbelief.

But here in the Texas Dallas Mission they continue on! I love being able to be a part of it! Thanks to having a great family and people who love me I am able to be here and witness all of it! I just wish we could all see it from God's view it must be something beautiful! If we did I think it would change everyone's attitude and atmosphere about the Work of Salvation!

I love y'all so much! Don't forget to look for the Miracles! They are there!

Love your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

Elder Bowen & Elder Reid

Funny Drew!

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