Sunday, June 1, 2014

Plano Joys!

April 28, 2014
This past week was awesome!

We taught 5 lessons with members present! It was awesome. We went out with a member in another ward who is temporarily home from his mission in Madagascar for surgery and we went tracting with him and taught 2 lessons with him to our investigators. It was awesome! 
We met a really nice family that attends the Preston Wood Baptist church which has the nick name "the bapti dome"  and "six flags over Jesus" because it is a huge church! It's like the Delta Center but a church. I hear it has a mall inside it too. But anyway, they were a great family that invited us in and talked to us. After we had taught them they wanted to invite us to their church. And they asked if they could give us money and we said no and then they asked if they could take us out to eat or have us over for dinner and we said yes to that! So they have our number and I hope they call us to have dinner with their family this week. 
Also we started teaching E's wife D! We are teaching them separately and we will then combine their lessons once we catch her up. We asked if she would be baptized and she said that she never has been baptized and that she would like to! So we are going to scheduale a baptismal date with her this week if all works out! It was sad as we were teaching her we asked if she prayed much and she said not really every now and then. We then asked another question and I don't remember what it was but she told us that she has never felt like she has ever gotten a answer to her prayers. We are going to change that! 
So we have a lot of meetings coming up this week and we have been preparing to train for them during our lunches and companionship studies. I don't know if I have ever been more busy than Elder Reid and I have been. We are always on the go to tract or teach. It's the best feeling ever! Even though it's exhausting it just feels so good! I love being a missionary! 
So we got threatened to be thrown in jail from a cop for knocking doors in an apartment complex so we had to leave. I don't think we could but he just wanted to scare us off. People here don't know what the difference between proselyting and soliciting. But we left, no big deal, even though he was pretty rude about it. But good news is there are lots of places to find people to teach! 
So life is great and busy in Plano and it's a Joy! 
I love y'all and I'm excited to see y'all in a few weeks! Love y'all! 
Love your missionary,

Elder Bowen

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