Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 Days Down & How Many More to Go?

But who's counting right??  :)

So Drew's been in the MTC for a whole 5 days now.  I've been doing pretty well - after crying my eyes out with Sarah on Wednesday of course.  :)  But Drew didn't shed a tear - he was so excited and ready to finally be on his mission!!

I was very pleasantly surprised when I received a short letter from Drew on Friday.  I guess all the newbies were instructed by their MTC Presidency to write a quick note and send it home so we wouldn't all be wondering how our missionaries were doing.  He said he was doing great and that they'd already participated in an awesome activity where they got to practice answering an investigators question.  His companion's name is Elder Kershaw.  His P-day will be on Tuesday - so I'll get my first email from him then!

So Drew will only be in the MTC for the next 8 days!  He leaves for Dallas, TX on February 18th.  So crazy that he'll be on his way to the field so soon!  I'm sure he's excited.

Since Drew's in the MTC for such a short time, if you want to send him a letter or package, you'll want to do it soon!  If you're in Utah, you can send a package to the MTC pretty inexpensively and for "same day" delivery at a bunch of different UPS/Mail Centers.  You can look up the places at

My favorite feature that is offered on the site is actually their letter delivery service.  You can type your letter on their site and they will print the letter and deliver it to the MTC the same day (Monday-Friday)!  It's super easy, just put Drew's name and MTC box number in, type your letter and hit send and you're done!  No stamps necessary!  And you can send them from wherever you are - not just Utah!  Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know!

Same Day MTC Letter Delivery Service
Elder Carlton Andrew Bowen
Departure Date 2/18/13
MTC Mailbox #331

 Hope you all enjoy a "lovely" week!

~The Mommy :)

On our way to the MTC!!  Drew could hardly wait!

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  1. So exciting! Drew will be such a great missionary!