Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drew's First Email!

We received Drew's first email today!!  It was so awesome to hear from him!  I'm going to post his letter here, complete with my basic editing services (spelling has never been Drew's strong point :), especially not when he's in a rush, but I'll leave it all as one paragraph, etc. just the way he wrote it).

The MTC is totally awesome!! I love it here but there are some things here that are kind of annoying like only having 15 minutes to write this email, so sorry for typos. Well my first day here I waited in a classroom for a long time for my District to all show up and whatnot, and then they threw us right into the fire!!! We went and were put in an awesome meeting with the MTC president. It was great!  I love the spirit that is here! It's so strong. I think I'm finally getting confident in how I feel and understand it. The spirit is the teacher here! It works through amazing people. My journal is becoming a book that means a lot to me because I put in my notes and how they relate to me and how I've learned from the spirit. It's great. Maybe when I get out to Dallas I'll have time to share more with you. I loved getting your emails and letters! Here in the MTC the ones that like get printed out for me are awesome while I'm here. The MTC is like really fast paced the first 4 days. They just hit you with the spirit non-stop which can kinda exhaust you but it's so great! I've learned how important humility is! I thought that I was pretty humble but the spirit sure has made me even more so. In the MTC I had a pretty hard day. I felt like I wasn't getting it - like the doctrine - and I wasn't sure if I was feeling the spirit and it was so awesome to get a package from Lani Pili with a Mr. Goodbar and pop rocks! That night I prayed really hard and I felt the spirit ever since that time. I've understood it more and I think it helped me realize how proud I was. We have been teaching investigators here and it's really awesome but also really hard.  You really need to teach with the spirit. Last night Elder Kershaw (my companion) and I taught an awesome lesson but near the beginning of the lesson I felt that we needed to teach a different lesson. But I didn't follow it. The lesson was great. We taught an awesome lesson on baptism but it was not what our investigator needed so it didn't mean a thing to him. The spirit teaches and I can see that even more so now and I want to follow it always. My Branch president is awesome when we first met with him he told us we were the Noble and Great ones that Abraham speaks of and I had a confirmation that that was also by the spirit. I love you all. I'm learning and growing more and more as I turn my heart more and more over to god and I found out what my mission scripture is! It's Helaman 3:35.  I love that one. I'll tell you more why next week! Love you all a ton and I know the Lord will watch over you.
Love your Missionary,
P.S. I can't figure out how to the upload pictures here right now so next week there will be lots of pics. Well I'm over my time love you!
This was the last picture I snapped when we dropped Drew off at the MTC!!  That's our missionary!!

Just 6 more days before he's off to Texas!!  Take a minute to send Drew a letter in the MTC.  I'm sure he'd love to hear from you!!  His MTC address is in the previous post. :) Thanks!!


  1. love it! seriously he is one of my favorite people. I hope and pray ask the time that RJ will be just like him! I love that he is already learning so much!

  2. Jamie you are so sweet! And I can just imagine that little RJ will be just like Drew when he's all grown up! How could he not with such awesome parents and great big sisters!