Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission Address!

Wow!  So I just now realized that I never posted Drew's mission address on the blog!!  I guess I was thinking that since I was such the mother of the year with printing all those awesome pictures of Drew with his mission address on them for the farewell, that everyone would just know!  Silly me!  I certainly know how many times I get an address and then never seem to remember where I ended up putting it!  So electronic is definitely best for me.  So enough of my ramblings and here is the address where you can send packages or letters to Drew.  I'm sure he'd love to hear from all of you!  He should be at this address until at least the end of March. :)

Elder Carlton Andrew Bowen
Texas Dallas Mission
13747 Montfort Dr., Ste. 120
Dallas, TX  75240-4479

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