Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Family in Frisco!

This is Drew's email from June 10th!

This last week was great. On Tuesday we were finally able to teach a family! The wife wasn't home but her husband was and we taught him the restoration and invited him to read 2 Ne 31. We are going to meet with them again on this Tuesday and the wife should be there. We have been trying to get a appointment set with this family for a long time. They are busy just like everyone but we finally got one set. We are planning on setting a baptismal date with them both on Tuesday. We are very excited about being able to teach them! Its such a blessing! So the story behind how we found them, I was on an exchange so I was in a different area and I was with a different missionary. About a Month or two ago Elder Degn and my District leader went to a members house. It was the Hoggan's who live close to us. And they shared a lesson on prayer and the power of prayer. They then said a prayer with them and asked specifically for the missionaries to be able to find some one to teach. After that they went and they started knocking doors that they felt prompted to knock on. Well they knocked on this family's door and they answered and said "Oh that's weird we were just about to have family prayer. Can you come back on a different day?" So we went back multiple times but we never caught them at a good time and they eventually said well lets set an appointment so we can sit down and visit. So we did and we went back for the appointment with a member who was an acquaintance with them from work. Apparently they had worked together in Michigan before they both moved to Frisco. The husband had to work late that night though and they were going to call us to get a hold of us but they didn't have our number so they couldn't. She apologized that he wasn't there and asked if we could come back in a week. So we did and the husband was home but the wife had a girl scouts meeting and they didn't want to reschedule again because they didn't want us to think that they were dodging us so we met with the husband and had a great visit. And we are going to be going back. I really hope it all works out. They are a great family! So we will see how it all goes tomorrow night.
We also are going to start teaching a twelve year old in the ward who hasn't been baptized yet. His mother wants us to come and do the lessons for him. His father isn't a member but he is allowing us to come and teach him even though he doesn't want to be there as we teach him. I hope that we will be able to help bring the spirit into their home and that the father will notice it. We are really excited for the opportunity we have to help this family though. And the mother is amazing. She is so steadfast in getting her family to church each Sunday even under the difficult family circumstances.
Well that's all the exciting news from this last week. We are starting to teach more and we love it! I hope everything is going good at home. And I hope everyone has an amazing Father's day! I love ya'll!
Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen 

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