Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This last week!

This last week was great!
Our lesson Tuesday night with the family got rescheduled. Their last name is the Plummer's. They were really busy with their kids and the husband was getting ready to go to New York City for a week long business trip so we are going to meet with them a week from this Tuesday. 
But the rest of this week was still good. We met with a less active member on Saturday with his home teacher. He wants to come back to church and he finally came! It was awesome and he invited us over for dinner on Tuesday night. He was so happy at church. He was beaming with a big smile on his face and he came fully dressed in a suit too! It made me happy to see him there. He has some health problems but he still made it for sacrament meeting. He is so fun to go visit. I love his personality. He served in the navy for a while so he has some really fun stories. He has an awesome sense of humor. I'm really excited to have dinner with him.
Also we are going to be doing a fireside tonight at the Hoggan's house. It's going to be on choosing a college and having good standards. There's going to be non-members there so we are hoping it will be a good opportunity for young people to realize that we are normal people and feel comfortable talking to us. Elder Degn is going to be speaking about his football experience and choosing a college and end with his testimony of the Savior.
Also this week I got an amazing letter from Rebecca which I loved! And a package from the family. Thank you so much for the love and support! I love y'all! I hope everything is going good back home! Love y'all!
Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen

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