Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More from Texas this week!

The first picture is of the Texas back alley way. They are in almost every neighborhood. It's weird,  everyone's garages are in the back of the house. I believe the alleys make it so you don't know your neighbors but some people here like them. I guess that makes sense if you don't like your neighbors, haha.  

The second picture is of how flat Texas is. One day when Elder Degn and I were tracting  and we got on top of a small hill and this is what we saw and it was crazy how flat it is. I'm used to it now but when I get up on a hill I'm reminded that there's no mountains. And the third one is of Elder Degn and I standing in front of a corn field. Well I love y'all! Have an awesome week!

Elder Bowen

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