Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life in Texas!

Well, this last week was a good one. We had an appointment reschedule for this tuesday and we are excited to meet with them. We did lots of service at the food pantry and we biked many miles. We biked from one corner of our area to the other one to help a family move and then they only needed help with one piece of furniture which wasn't what we were expecting but we helped them out. They weren't at church however, which I was not happy about. They will come to church though because if they don't come soon, we know where they live :) and will go remind them of why it's so important.
Its funny that as a missionary you look at church with a completely different perspective. You think of everything people say and ask what an investigator would say, think or feel about it. Also you notice the small things. 
On Saturday we knocked in our complex and we met 2 people who we talked to about the restoration and they both are willing to come to church. We are going to follow up with them this weekend and teach them more and get them to church hopefully. The family that we are teaching Tuesday night is going to be great. I'm looking forward to it. The member we are taking with us works with the husband and they are acquaintances and they are planning on getting their families together. They pretty much kicked it off last Tuesday when they rescheduled. They tried to call us ahead but they didn't have our number so they even went to the church to see if they could find it there. So it makes me feel ok about them rescheduling because I feel like they really wanted to meet with us. As we were tracking on Saturday we got shooed when a man said "no no go go" as he waved his hands but we also meet a really nice man who asked us sincere questions. He was really nice. That's one thing that is really nice about Texas you run into a few rude people but you run into so many more nice people.
This week Elder Degn and I got to help give a priesthood blessing to the Hoggan family's grandmother who was feeling sick. We also consecrated oil. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to exercise the priesthood. It is always a special and spiritual experience. The Hoggan family is so good to us. They are always feeding us and helping us with the little things. It's a blessing to have a good family like them in our ward. 
I wanted to say thank you for the pictures and everything. I love y'all.
Your missionary,
Elder Drew Bowen.

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