Thursday, June 27, 2013


Drew's email was almost non-existent this week.  It was a quick, hello, I'm getting transferred to Lufkin, Texas and I love you. :)  Thankfully the Hoggan family, a family in the ward he's been serving in in Frisco, kept me in the loop.  He found out that he was getting transferred on Saturday, he said his goodbye's to the Frisco ward on Sunday and then Monday he had one last fun outing with the Hoggan's for P-day at the local Kohl's.  Not sure if he bought anything or just went for fun, but Sister Hoggan said that he's grown like 2 inches since he's been out on his mission!!  That's a hard one for me to believe, being the short family that we are, and Drew is already so tall to us, but who knows!  I told Sister Hoggan that he's probably just been standing extra tall trying to catch up to Elder Degn. :)

So the Hoggan's put together an awesome traveling care package for Drew and drove him to wherever he needed to go to start his trek to Lufkin.  Apparently Lufkin is about halfway between Dallas and Houston, in the middle of nowhere (seemingly from looking at the map).  A fairly small town, population something like 32,000.  So I'm sure things will be a little different in small town Texas than it was in big city Texas.  But I'm sure Drew will take it all in stride.  He's just that kind of missionary.

Here are some pictures courtesy of the Hoggan's.  I'm sure they've already begun blessing the life of the new missionary that is now companions with Elder Degn.  Thanks so much Hoggan family!!  I hope to meet you face to face some day and give y'all a big hug!

The Mommy :)

Love that big smile!!

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